Scorpion Knives can be purchased with a variety of high quality crafted grips. The standard grips that come with each knife and any optional grips are listed on each knife page. The photographs below show the various grips available, although the details may change depending on the exact knife the grip is supplied with.


A highly respected quality hard rubber manufactured in the USA that is used on a wide variety of quality knife scales and gun grips. The textured finish prevents slippage, even while wearing gloves. ERGO is virtually impervious to oils and solvents and is ideal for prolonged use in the harshest of environments. Colours available are Black and Coyote Tan.

Black ERGO knife grip








Coyote Tan ERGO knife grip

Coyote Tan








Linen Micarta

Linen Micarta is a composite of layers of linen in a thermosetting plastic. The resin impregnates the linen and then the composite is cured under pressure and high temperature to produce the laminate. As the Micarta is cut and shaped, the different layers of linen are exposed to produce an exquisite pattern. In addition to adding a distinctive look to a knife, linen Micarta is also very functional, being hard wearing and providing excellent grip. The Micarta can be left in an unpolished condition or polished to a high gloss finish.

Black Linen Micarta Polished knife grip

Black polished







Black Linen Micarta Unpolished knife grip

Black unpolished