Alaskan Filleting Knife

Alaskan Filleting Knife

We have created the Alaskan Filleting knife for those who want to prepare their own freshly caught fish, particularly when out in the wilderness.

The filleting knife is flexible and thin so that the blade can easily get into places that would be impossible for a normal outdoor knife. The razor sharp blade moves easily through the flesh gently separating it from the bone and skin producing thin and evenly sliced fillets ready for cooking.

Alaskan Filleting Knife

Whilst the knife is designed for use on fish, it can also be used in the preparation of other meats, for example to cut thin strips or shave off thin sections.

The 1012" (27cm) hollow ground flexible blade is made from the finest surgical stainless steel for many years of service in the most demanding of conditions. The knife is finished off with a polished “Dymondwood” sealed handle as used on top of the range professional chefs knives – this is both comfortable to use, hard wearing and easy to clean and adds a touch of uniqueness to the knife.

The Scorpion Knives Alaskan Filleter comes with a high quality leather pouch sheath for keeping the knife clean and secure when not in use.


Overall length: 14" (36cm)

Weight: 8 ounces (230g)

Blade length: 1012" (27cm)

Blade thickness: 116" (2mm)

Blade material: Surgical Stainless Steel

Blade hardness: HRC 56

Blade finish: Polished

Handle: Dymondwood

Sheath: Leather

Lanyard: No

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1012" (27cm) Blade, “Dymondwood” handle and high quality leather sheath

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1012" (27cm) Blade, “Dymondwood” handle and high quality leather sheath

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