Scorpion Knives

Samuel Staniforth

Scorpion Knives are manufactured by Samuel Staniforth, a company founded in 1864 in Sheffield, England and steeped in the tradition of producing the highest quality knives for professional users. Scorpion Knives are used in the deserts, jungles and urban environments of the world by both military, tactical forces and survivalists, as well as being highly sought after by knife enthusiasts and serious collectors.

Laser cut from the highest quality steel

Each Scorpion Knife starts out being laser cut from steel that is specified by us so that we are certain it will perform the duty it has been designed for. Steel always has a small carbon content, usually less than 0.2%, but by increasing the carbon content the steel is hardened which improves its ability to take and hold an edge. However this is at the expense of toughness (the steel can become brittle) and so by adding other alloying elements to the steel we are able to alter the properties to achieve the desired result.

Molton Steel for Scorpion Knives

The main elements and their effects are:

Heat treated to produce exceptional properties

Heat Treating Scorpion Knives

The heat treatment of our blades is also a crucial part of the manufacturing process and one that is very carefully controlled. Heat treating is used to impart special qualities to the steel such as the hardness, strength and ductility.

When heat and subsequent cooling are applied to the steel, the physical and structural properties are changed. As different steels have different chemical compositions, so changes in physical and structural properties take place at different, critical temperatures. Depending on the temperature used, these changes can be a change in grain size, increase in toughness, removal of internal stresses, or formation of a hard surface on a ductile core.

In addition to changes induced by heat, the rate and method of cooling have an effect on the structural properties. For example, a rapid cooling will produce steel with a hard structure while a slow cooling will produce the opposite effect. Our heating, cooling and tempering processes are all closely controlled to produce the optimum knife blade for the tasks it will be undertaking.

Ground to perfection

Grinding Scorpion Knives

There are a number of grinds available, such as hollow, flat, chisel and convex, depending on the final use of the knife. We choose the most suitable and then grind each blade by hand to exacting tolerances. We are masters of a number of complex blade grinds which you will see in some of our knives.

An exquisite choice of grips

The grip is as important as the blade and we offer the finest materials, for grip, comfort and durability. So whether your preference is tough rubber, exquisite linen Micarta or hardwood, for many of our knives the choice is yours.

Durable nylon or bespoke leather sheaths

Last but certainly not least, we have a range of sheaths in both nylon and leather. Our durable Nylon / Cordura sheaths are designed and manufactured by the renowned BLACKHAWK! company in the USA. BLACKHAWK! was founded in 1993 by former Navy SEAL Mike Noell and his meticulous obsession with quality has made it the ops gear of choice for Special Operation units worldwide.

The centerpiece of any collection

For the discerning knife collector, we offer some of our knives in high quality wooden presentation cases which can be engraved on the lid with your choice of inscription.