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Every knife we make is crafted in Sheffield, England
the recognized home of knife making since the 14th century

We began manufacturing quality steel blades in 1864, working alongside famous names such as Benjamin Huntsman and Henry Bessemer who were responsible for inventing the steel production processes that transformed the industry.

During World War II, we were one of the original companies forging the now world famous Fairbairn-Sykes commando dagger that is still issued today.


We make the knives the professionals rely on

The knives we produce are relied on by armies, tactical forces and survivalists around the world – literally. Their well being and their lives depend on our knives. You can now buy these same knives.

We use only the finest steel that has been manufactured to our specification. It is cut by laser to ensure that every one of our knives starts its life as accurately as the designer so carefully penned on paper. Heat treatment and tempering produce the optimum crystalline structure in the steel for the desired toughness, flexibility and hardness of the blades. Finally, our craftsmen grind, shape and assemble every knife by hand, delivering the sharpness and quality of finish you can depend on in the most demanding of environments, and which also make our knives the centerpiece of any knife collection.


Lifetime Guarantee - our promise to you

Of course, as you would expect from a company with a heritage and reputation for craftsmanship such as ours, all our knives come with a Lifetime Guarantee against faulty material or workmanship. In fact, when you receive your knife if it is anything less than you were expecting we promise to replace or refund it without question.